Internal Committee

Internal Committees (Union) 2015-2016

SMUFU Benefit Committee

Robert Konopasky 902-420-5855
Vic Catano 902-420-5845
Rohini Bannerjee 902-420-5814


Communications/Political Action Committee



Election Officers (See Robert’s Rules of Order)

Ron Houlihan, Chief Election Officer 902-420-5198
Heather Sanderson, Election Officer 902-420-5541


Equity & Diversity Committee  (Committee – Terms of Reference – Adopted Sept 9, 2014)

Susan Bjornson – Chair 902-496-8751
Nicole Carter – Rep 902-420-55-40
Tatjana Takseva – Rep 902-491-6274
Judy Haiven – Rep 902-491-8650


Grievance & Arbitration Committee (The role and function of the SMUFU Grievance Committee)

Marc Patry, Chair Grievance & Arbitration 902-491-8605
Harold Ogden (Commerce Rep) 902-420-5751
Nicole Neatby (Art Rep) 902-420-5765
Veronica Stinson (Science Rep) 902-420-5138
Cindy Harrigan (Library Rep) 902-496-8789
Jean Helms-Mills (Commerce Rep) 902-496-8139
Bruce Anderson Alternate 902-420-5156
Gavin Fridell (Arts Rep) 902-420-5767


Investments Committee (Investment Committee Guidelines-2006)

Granville Ansong, Chair 902-420-5618
Sally Wood 902-420-5148
Francis Boabang 902-420-5735
Ron Cosper 902-420-5818
Tatjana Takseva 902- 491-6274


Outreach Committee

Nicole Carter, Chair 902-420-5540


Scholarship Committee (Guidelines for SMUFU Scholarships)

Robert Singer, Chair 902-496-8189
Cathy Driscoll 902-420-5282
Tanya Peckmann 902-496-8719


Social Benefits Committee (SMUFU Guidelines for Charity Donations)

David Bourgeois, Chair 902-491-6330
Cathy Conrad, on leave 902-420-5686
James Cameron 902-491-8653
Shana McGuire 902-420-5812

Any member who would like to serve on Committees should contact the President of the Union or the Union Office. (See article 8.4.13 Service to the University, the Profession and the Community.)