2017 – 2018 External Committee Reps

Reps are elected by the Executive to serve on the University Committees.

Faculty and Administration Pension Committee – Faculty Reps:

For details regarding Letter of Agreement Regarding the Establishment of a Unified Pension Plan for Saint Mary’s University Letter of Agreement regarding the establishment of a Unified Pension Plan Click here

Gabe Morrison 902-420-5409 [email protected]
Rob Thacker 902-420-5636 [email protected]
Michael Zhang 902-491-8676 [email protected]
Ashraf Zaman 902-491-6272 [email protected]
Cindy Harringan 902-496-8789 [email protected]
Marc Patry 902-491-8605 [email protected]
John Irving 902-420-5792 [email protected]

Faculty Participation in Student Recruitment and Retention, and Fundraising Committee – Faculty Reps:

Rob Singer 902-496-8189 [email protected]
Jason Clyburne 902-420-5827 [email protected]
Tanya Peckmann 902-496-8719 [email protected]

Occupational Health and Safety Committee – Faculty Rep:

Colin Sutton (Co-Chair) Kim Squires (Co-Chair)
Guyliane Williams – alternate

University Review and Appointments Committees – Observers:

Numerous faculty members