The role and function of the SMUFU Grievance Committee
Preamble: The Grievance Committee shall be responsible for the administration of the sections of the SMUFU collective agreement dealing with grievances.

Role and Functions of the Grievance Committee of SMUFU

1. Composition of the Grievance Committee:

2. Training of Grievance Officers 3. Role and Responsibility of the Grievance Officer 4. Investigating a Potential Grievance 5. Filing a Formal Grievance
Saint Mary's University Faculty Union

Grievance Officer Fact Sheet

A. Who is complaining or grieving?

B. What is the Complaint or Grievance

C. Dates of Event or Acts of Omission

D. Place of Event

E. Relevant Clauses in the collective agreement which apply to the event or act of omission.

F. List of all interviews with date and times. Notes from all interviews will become part of the official file.

G. List of all relevant documentation in the official file of the complaint/grievance

Signature of the Grievance Officer

Signature of the Grievor


Recommendation to SMUFU Executive

Grievance Accepted or not by SMUFU Executive

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