Optional Life Coverage

Optional Life Coverage:

Optional Life Insurance allows you to choose additional coverage for yourself and your spouse.

The coverage is available in $10,000 units to a maximum of $500,000, for you or your spouse, subject to approval of evidence of insurability.

If you are covered under this plan as both a member and a spouse, you are limited to the $500,000 maximum.

Optional Life Insurance terminates when you reach age 65; when you retire; or when you no longer qualify as a SMUFU member, whichever comes first.

Your spouse’s coverage terminates at the same time; or when he or she reaches age 65 or is no longer your spouse, whichever comes first.

Please complete the Optional Life Application Form to apply for the coverage.

For more information, please contact your Plan Administrator, Valerie Fraser, at vfraser@canben.com or 1-800-268-0285 Ext. 242.        

Optional Life Coverage Application Form