Social Benefits Committee Guidelines

  1. SMUFU will give first consideration to groups supporting causes with a local base or appeal.
  1. SMUFU will provide assistance for young people in need.
  1. SMUFU will support appeals which are not otherwise supported by a general University campaign (e.g. the United Way).
  1. Normally SMUFU will support charities and/or socially oriented groups and organizations, but in extraordinary circumstances the Social Benefits Committee will consider requests to assist with individuals’ specials needs.
  1. Normally financial support for a Social Benefits grant will not exceed $1000.00.
  1. Donations of money through the Social Benefits Committee will not be awarded for the same cause or group for more than two consecutive years.
  1. SMUFU will not issue official notices for tax purposes, nor will it expect that every group to which it gives money should have an official charity designation.
  1. The SMUFU Social Benefits Committee will be composed of at least three individuals. Normally one committee member will be a member of the SMUFU Executive.
  1. Requests for assistance from other unions are outside the mandate of the Social Benefits Committee and must go directly to the SMUFU Executive who will consider them on an individual basis.
  1. The SMUFU Social Benefits Committee will submit recommendations for donations of money to the SMUFU Executive for approval.


November 2010
Reviewed 01/11/11